Hello Stony Lake neighbors--
Thank you for all your support of the Photo Competition Calendar over the past two years. Such great photos! And we raised significant funds to keep the SLPOA activities going.

So -- let’s try something new for the 2020 calendar. We’d like to collect historical photos that you submit. We’re looking for photos that are at least 50 years old -- 1968 or earlier. And, we’d like to suggest that photos with some kind of universal visual appeal have the best chance of being included in the calendar -- so keep in mind the basics of photography: great lighting, interesting angle, unusual subject, dramatic cropping.

To make it easier, we are collecting them through the SLPOA e-mail instead of a registration website. Scan your photos or take a photo of the photo with your phone. Photo quality will be one of the criteria we will use in choosing the winners that will go into the 2020 calendar. Entries should be photographed using the best phone available to get the highest resolution. Prints should be copied near a bright window, with the camera as close as possible while keeping the print in focus and reflection free. If we love a photo that is sent in but it is not going to reproduce well, we’ll work with you to get it scanned at a higher quality. Some e-mail programs cannot handle large photo files. Again, send us your best attempt and if it’s chosen to be included, we’ll work with you.

We may use more than one photo per month, so we hope there are lots of entries. Plus, we will be saving all the entries and hope to be able to make them available on our website. Please identify the location, date, and people in the photo if you are able. We will be including text in this calendar.

Winners will be chosen by the 2020 Calendar committee: Libby Brouwer, Matt Ferguson, Julie Stivers. Neighbors who submit a photo chosen for the main calendar pages will receive a free calendar.

Send your entries to stonylakepropertyowners@gmail.com. By sending your photos, you are giving the SLPOA permission to reprint them in the calendar and put them on a website. We know that many folks collect old photo postcards by Harlo Elliott, and we’re happy to report that those photos are no longer under copyright, so we can use them. If more than one person submits the same photo that is chosen, the winner will be the first person who sent it in. Deadline for entries is March 31, 2019.