Stony Lake Improvement Board

The Stony Lake Improvement Board was organized in 2009 by a vote of the Benona and Claybanks Township Boards. Members of the Board include representatives from each township, a Stony Lake resident, and representatives from the Oceana County Commission and the office of the Drain Commissioner. The Board was formed under provisions of Michigan’s Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act.  Reports on each summer’s activities can be found in the Newzletter.

Stony Lake Water Quality Report 2020

Lake Improvement Board Meeting Notes-6/20/20

Stony Lake also participates in the Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program, a program of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and the Michigan Lake & Streams Association.

Stony Lake Volunteer Monitoring Program
Since 2004, volunteers at Stony Lake have participated with 238 lakes across the state collecting and reporting water quality reports and exotic invasive plant information as part of the Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program.  For a full update please download the 2018 CLMP Report below.  To learn more about volunteer opportunities, please contact John Stivers (

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