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Sailboat Races

Schedule and insurance waiver are below.

Contact Neal Miedema with any questions.

We are looking forward to another great sailing season!  Our insurance company has requested waivers signed by race participants.  Please sign and return these via email or drop them off at the first race.

This is the schedule of races for 2021: 

  • June 26 – Saturday 
  • July 4 – Sunday 
  • July 17 – Saturday 
  • July 31 – Saturday
  • August 14 – Saturday 
  • August 28 – Saturday 
  • September 5 – Sunday 

All Races begin at 2:00 from the Miedema’s Cottage, the 15th house from the Township Park (Square Dock) on the Northwest corner of the lake. Beginning direction will be into the wind, usually counter-clockwise.  We usually do a long course, one lap, when we have strong wind and a short course, two laps, in light wind.  We have three classes of boats; single sail, double sail and catamarans.   

The horn progression is:

  • 1:55 – 5 Minute Warning 
  • 1:58 – 2 Minute Warning 
  • 2:00 – Single Sail Start 
  • 2:02 – Double Sail Start 
  • 2:04 – Catamaran Start 

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